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    Sofia Creative Partnerships Sofia Creative Partnerships Priorities outlined by the ‘Shared Vision’ 2016 strategy proposal have been verified by the follow up project ‘Sofia Creative Partnerships’2017. In a nutshell it confirmed that Sofia-based businesses support the.. more
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    Process for cultural policy development & strategy elaboration This document provides a basic outline. Concrete processes can be designed only in interaction with the specific context. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further Julia Bardun, Petya Koleva – experts of Intercultura Consul.. more
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    Renewing visions for culture This text is partially based on the article  A Capital at Crossroads: Sofia, Bulgaria activates cultural participation to become a leading creative European city published by  Catalyst - Winter 2017 - the platform for communication and exchange, o.. more
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    IV Danube Conference of Culture In November 2016, the IV Danube Conference of Culture gathered participants and Danube countries in Ruse, Bulgaria to discuss Successfully Launched Danube Cultural Projects and Promising Initiatives Moderated panel  • Attila Balázs (Timişoar.. more
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    #SharedVision In 2016 for the first time since democratic rule in Bulgaria, the municipal authorities of the capital (1, 5 million inhabitants) partnered non-state actors in Dance, Literature, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. This is a precedent marking the prominent rise of self-i.. more
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    Creative strategies Capacity Building for professionals, organisations and networks is a long-term commitment of Intercultura Consult ®. It is driven by demand from partners and associates. Our unique engagement with extending capacities is realized via locally and internat.. more