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    Creative strategies Capacity Building for professionals, organisations and networks is a long-term commitment of Intercultura Consult ®. It is driven by demand from partners and associates. Our unique engagement with extending capacities is realized via locally and internat.. more
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    Trending Culture and Creative Industries - policies, events, research 2016 was marked by the focus on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) and highlighted the need for new cultural policy design: 1.   The IETM toolkit, highly recommended by ICC®, on introduction to business models (innovation) for arts and cult.. more
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    Professional DevelopmentArts/Culture Intercultura Consult ® is bringing to your attention programmes where arts/culture/CCI professionals could update their learning and skills or take an MA postgraduate degree. This is work in progress. Please contact us if you would like to recommend a programme a.. more
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    ЕU - Arts, Culture, Development In the EU, member states differ in their definition of Culture and Creative Indutries (CCI). They support and promote their cultural heritage, artistic legacy or cultural and creative products with specific local policies. There is, however, an agreement among a.. more
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    CULTURE, INNOVATION, DEVELOPPEMENT Culture, innovation et développement interfèrent, font naître et nourrissent les industries créatives. Image Cité du design -Saint-Étienne Ces dernières s’affirment comme un secteur dynamique en pleine progres.. more
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    Culture in the Eastern Partnership Follow here the 2015 - 2018 - Second  Eastern Partnership Programme - CULTURE AND CREATIVITY   EU-funded  & Community-led Urban Strategies in Historic Towns” (COMUS), is being implemented by the Council of Europe. The Second Reg.. more