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    IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF INNOVATION Empirical survey of cultural organisations active on the Bulgarian and on the global market to measure the impact of innovation projects   Petya G. Koleva  © Intercultura Consult, 2012 ISBN 978-954-92966-1-7 Acknowledgements are due to th.. more
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    Innovative Strategies for Local Development The 2008 - 2009 EuropeAid project ‘Innovative Strategies for Local Development: Capacity Building for Cultural Institutions in the Kaliningrad Region’ took place in the region of the Baltic countries. The project developed new creative management capaciti.. more
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    Fragmentation Fragment 28 of 'Project 0' of the Kapana quarter of Plovdiv hosted by an ICT college! Intercultura Consult ® supports contemporary arts and projects that address public spaces, local communities and fresh audiences in open ways. In September, 2015.. more
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    Professional Networking   Intercultura Consult ®  offers an opportunity for culture and arts professionals and organisations to: Identify their professional development needs closer Register to share experience with cultural managers, creators, artis.. more
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    Innovation Projects Innovation Projects as a Strategic Development Factor for Cultural Organisations  by Dr. Petya Koleva  This is the first publication in Bulgarian presenting a thorough theoretical and empirical analysis of innovation in the cultural sector. Th.. more
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    Culture as development In 2013 Intercultura Consult ® was partner of Ekoart Donetzk and organised a study visit in Bulgaria on cultural issues for Ukrainian and Georgian participants of the project "Cultural development is the source for prosperity of community." We.. more