Trending Culture and Creative Industries - policies, events, research

  • Published: 20 Dec 2015 14:26
  • Author: Intercultura Consult

2016 was marked by the focus on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) and highlighted the need for new cultural policy design:

1.   The IETM toolkit, highly recommended by ICC®, on introduction to business models (innovation) for arts and cultural organisations will let in some inspiration on what audiences mean in the world today. Relevant are also the research  reports/publications of The world organisation representing artists and UNESCO,the  ЕuropeHalles network, the Asia-Europea Foundation and the network of cities engaged with cultural transformation URBACT  that prove the  growth of CCI industries globally. They outline the importance of specific policies which make them sustainable for the local people, the businesses and above all essential to raise and keep creative talent.

2.      In 2016 Cultural and Creative Industries were a priority of the Republic of Bulgaria because it endorsed a strategy for intelligent specialisation connecting CCI and ICT (information and communication technologies). Sofia endriced a strategy which also prioritizes CCI and ICT and for the first time it paid attention to the growing independent arts scene.

3.    In 2016  Bulgaria hosted an international conference on the theme World Civilizations of UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture . The Sofia declaration states that world civilizations are linked to creative tourism. 

4. In Plovdiv representatives of the European Capital of Culture 2019  „TOGETHER“ Plovdiv and Matera implement calls implicating cultural participation.  A curious outcome will be the project „Ailyak“ connecting the two ECoC 2019  in researchig the  popular concept and the practice of spending quality time in Plovdiv and Matera.   

5. New York's first comprehensive cultural plan, focusing on inclusion and sustainable communities  was news a year ago. Colleagues report that in 2017, the plan is already in full swing which comes to show that with when there is some political will there will be a way too.