Ivan Dobrev - artistic research

  • Published: 17 Apr 2017 14:11
  • Author: Intercultura Consult
Images: Ivan Dobrev 2017
The techniques and heritage of Bulgaria's Troyan ceramics are central to the sculptural practice of contemporary artist Ivan Dobrev. This unique art and crafts tradition presents an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the pursuit of ideas, solutions and exploration in the area of fine art.

The artistic research on methods that would restore the severed connections between Troyan ceramics as applied art and sculpture as fine art. Ivan Dobrev finds that these two forms are naturally compatible and represent two dimensions of human spirit striving towards beauty and perfection.

Dobrev presents features specific toTroyan ceramics - such as ornament and color - in their relevance and application to the context of contemporary sculpture. His arts practice broadens the repertoire of techniques in the process of applying and improving on established principles central to the aesthetics of the Troyan ceramic tradition.The project therefore represents the focal point at which innovation and technology meet in the realization of the artistic object. 

No more boring Art! The Focus of the edition 2017 Kunsttour Maastricht, NL. During this event, Ivan D. Dobrev shows recent ceramic works, based on his Phd research on Troyan Ceramics @De Brandweerkazerne Maastricht. In collaboration with Peergallery