Sofia Creative Partnerships

  • Published: 13 May 2017 22:30
  • Author: Intercultura Consult

Sofia Creative Partnerships

Priorities outlined by the ‘Shared Vision’ 2016 strategy proposal have been verified by the follow up project ‘Sofia Creative Partnerships’2017. In a nutshell it confirmed that Sofia-based businesses support the creative sector and the value of cultural externalities. A long-term form of partnership attracts partners from the business sector more than short-term benefits or recognition. 

The in-depth work with 24 experts has led to action lines that represent an intersection of the interests of the business, the arts scene and the municipality:

- Professional development initiatives: training arts managers in business skills and offering an inversed training for the business partners to partake in the logic of artistic creation and public presentation of contemporary art in Sofia;

- Building a contemporary art incubator in Sofia to promote innovation and creativity initiatives based on trilateral partnerships;

- Introducing incentives for business involvement in the cultural processes of Sofia;

- Backing the Sofia information platform for culture as a gateway for the cultural and related sector offerings and their audiences and clients (local, guests and tourists)  in Sofia;

- Establishing an education platform for science, technology and contemporary art facing the schools and youth of Sofia;

These action lines (PDF in BG here) are consistent with conclusions of the 2016 proposal. In particular the importance of boosting business competencies and digital innovation. 

The Shared Vision project recently became a case study example for participatory design of cultural strategies at local level.  (Shishkova 2017) 

Cultural research and participatory strategy developments strengthen the arts and culture ecosystem. The implementation of evidence-based policy is the way to boost distribution, cooperation as well as innovation in value-chains.

As new EU initiatives transform copyright, taxation and digital trade the manifestation of European talent and creativity will grow.  

Digital skills and knowledge are becoming essential for culture and arts managers for which public investment will be crucial in the coming decade.

 "Shared Vision"2016 was an initiative of the Independent Theatre Association (ACT) supported by Sofia Municipal Programme Europe 2016. It is fully and publicly documented in Bulgarian София, „Споделена визия - Предложение за стратегия за развитие на свободната сцена за визуални изкуства, литература, музика, танц и театър“ 2016

Team: Dergana Dimitrova, project leader „36 МАЙМУНИ“; Petya Koleva, рrocess design, ИНТЕРКУЛТУРА КОНСУЛТ®; Hristian Jovchev, coordinator participants; Katrin Hrusanova, coordinator Partners, АСОЦИАЦИЯ ЗА СВОБОДЕН ТЕАТЪР (АСТ). PR: Iva Todorova, Image docuementation:Hristian Jovchev