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On this page you find references to frequently requested resources on how to support an international cooperation project in the field of culture or specifically for artistic exchange. There are three general directions to explore.

A) local funding programmes (Bulgaria)

B) international  donors (in Bulgaria)

C) specific support from European Funds which you can find more about here

In most cases it is best to consideralso: D) resources generated by each partner; E) direct investment via crowdfunding (an indication of public support/demand/relevance) F) sponsors/donors etc. 

We hope you find the info useful,  for  more support request

A.   Public Support for international culture cooperation in Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is a country still dynamically engaged with the post-transitional phase from being a former member of the Socialist Block and Market (till 1991) to a member of the European Union and Market (since 2007).

Situated north of the Republic of Turkey, to the East of the Republic of Serbia and to the West of the Republic of Ukraine, The Republic of Bulgaria is a direct EU neighbour for these countries with a national currency tied to the EURO at a fixed rate. This fact, as well as the mixed religious, ethnic and linguistic base of the Balkans makes many aspects of cooperation with Bulgarian partners exceptional. In addition, Bulgaria has the lowest tax on profits per year in the EU which is 10%.

Unlike other EU member states that have experienced their first financial cuts in the last few years, Bulgaria is actually finally showing signs of increase in public funding (nominally) and a broadening of the base of programmes supporting international cooperation. These are few of the most significant resources to consider. For details you are welcome to find your

* Министерство на културата / Ministry of Culture If you would like to address any of the calls for proposals, please do so via your Bulgarian partner. They should be able to traverse the winding information channels of how and what type of projects are being financed in specially targeted public funding for stage arts,  literature, folk/community arts etc. Films are funded via the National Film Centre which has annual sessions. 

* Национален Фонд „Култура“/ National 'Culture'Fund'  There is funding for artistic mobility, scholarships, and professional debuts; for attracting new public for the cultural product or services; for making short films. Please note that the applicant must be registered in Bulgaria and for the moment documentation is submitted in person. The amounts are sufficient to strengthen only a very concrete step of the cooperation process. 

* Столична Програма “Култура” София  / Sofia Municipal  Programme "Culture" Sofia is the largest municipality of the Republic as it is the capital of Bulgaria. Over the last years, it has developed a cultural policy, which evolves to include specific support for EU co-funded cooperation projects, for international mobility, for festivals, training and informal learning etc. The application process is competitive and requires detailed preparation. Amounts vary depending on calls for proposal, it is recommended to always have other resources secured when starting this process. It is worth urging your Bulgarian partners to check for information regularly or find you

Municipalities advancing in the design of their culture programmes are also Plovdiv (European Capital of Culture 2019 Together with Matera, Italy), Varna and Burgas (major Black Sea municipalities and ports) Veliko Turnovo (medieval capital of Bulgaria), Rousse (Danube river major city and port), Gabrovo (Capital of Humour, open air artisan fair and member of  Cities and local governments for cultural development).  За повече информация свържете се с

B. International support for cultural cooperation taking place in Bulgaria or bilaterally

Американски център/American (USA) Cultural Centre ; Британски съвет | България/ British Council ; 

Гръцка фондация за култура/ Ελληνικό Ίδρυμα ΠολιτισμούГьоте-институт България /Goethe-Institut

Институт Конфуций – София / Confucius Institute – SofiaИнститут Сервантес-София/Instituto Cervantes de Sofía

Италиански културен институт - София /Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Sofia

Културно-информационен център на Република Македония/Културно-информативниот центар на Р. Македонија

Полски културен институт/ Adam Mickiewicz Institute;

 Руски културно-информационен център / Россий культурно-информационный центр;

Унгарски културен институт / BALASSI INTÉZET;

 Френски институт в България/Institut Français de Bulgarie;  

Чешки културен център /Českých center 

Additionally you are encouraged to check the America for Bulgaria Foundation priorities.