Intercultura Consult ® is a partner and host of international and intercultural initiatives.

  • Intercultura Consult ® extends local capacities via  internationally structured events.

  • Intercultura Consult ® shares expertise in research; cultural policy and management through unique projects.

  • Intercultura Consult ®  supports promising initiatives of Bulgairan and international artistic projects.

  • International programming for  professional development are associated with the Intercultura Consult ® quality trademark.

 Intercultura Consult® has expertise and experience concerning activities promoting culture as a means to achieve inclusive and sustainable development in particular by: 

Designing fit for purpose processes that guide or initiate local stakeholder mobilisation regarding Culture and Creative Industries, Cultural Policy and Strategy development (at national, regional or local level) and also addressing global challenges such as peace and reconciliation. 
Providing access to fresh sector-specific research, including professional input from the point of view of arts / cultural policy research and the experience of networks representing the academic, artistic, business, city or discipline-based objectives and achievements. 
Assisting local or regional authorities or multi-stakeholder groups defining or enabling support to enhance the creative industries and enhance market opportunities for cultural goods and services and to develop the capacity of cultural actors.