Intercultura Consult has supported international foundations, cultural and arts enterprises, professional networks from across Europe, associations, arts managers, cultural entrepreneurs, creative cities, civil society, global and inter-disciplinary teams. We are a partner and also a host of many international and key intercultural initiatives.

We offer the experience and know-how of our international experts and advisors from the following areas:

  • Researching and innovating cultural policy, programs and practices
  • Providing international expertise on forecasting cultural impact, integrating stakeholders' interests and engaging diverse audiences
  • Facilitating individual projects or programmes for organisations of varying types and sizes and empowering inter-cultural communication
  • Designing professional development programmes for arts and cultural professionals to enable know-how exchange and networking

Our KNOW-HOW is embodied in the profiles of our key experts and advisors.

Our expertise is international and you can reach us на български, in English, на русском, en français, in het Nederlands, en Espagnol, auf Deutsch, po Polski, на Хрватски. For additional information, please can check the FAQ page or CONNECT directly