Collab 4 HySust CCI

Intercultura Consult is the Bulgarian partner of Collab 4 HySust CCIs. This is a 3-year partnership for European cooperation supported by the "Creative Europe" programme of the EU.

Transnational launch event in Plovdiv and online this September 1

We are launching the project officially in a hybrid event centered on South-Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Join us on September 1 in Plovdiv or online.
In this event you will:

● Learn about the open call for organizations from the region to participate in a 16-month program for the incubation of innovative practices, part of the project.

● Familiarize yourself with existing practices for connecting with the audience through hybrid approaches, and towards sustainable development through partnerships presented by project partners.

● Have the opportunity to develop your ideas and meet colleagues from Bulgaria and abroad.

See the full program HERE.

Register by August 21 to participate.

OPEN CALL for cultural and creative organizations who aim to develop innovations in:

● Audience and Hybrid Approaches - engage audiences and explore hybrid approaches to improve management of audience monitoring, promote inclusivity in co-creation processes and cross-sectoral collaboration.

● Sustainability in Processes of Collaboration - cross-sectoral collaborations to create sustainable change and foster innovation within the value chain of artistic and cultural offerings.


Contact us in case you have any questions

Since 2020 the 5 partners in Collab 4 HySust CCI have developed a number of valuable pilots and demonstrators of structured experiments that have led to clear, measurable results. We have seen first-hand that changing the way CCIs work has a ripple effect on their communities, generating positive economic and social impact and co-creating new possibilities.

CCI organizations in EU countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Serbia, where a cultural or creative incubator is still a dream will benefit directly.

Within weeks, the project partners will invite organizations from the cultural and creative sectors to become one of 15 selected initiatives, which within 16 months will receive:
1. participation in 5 training sessions with guidelines, concepts and practical advice;
2. mentoring support from international experts;
3. micro-grant for the creation of prototypes a shared incubation process;
4. participation in a network targeting the Southeast Europe Region for active European collaboration in innovation partnerships.

On September 1, in Plovdiv, Intercultura Consult - the Bulgarian partner in the project, and the Municipality of Plovdiv - an associate partner, will host the international launch event of the project. The event will provide inspiration and guidance to applicants for the 16-month program. Stay tuned for an invitation and program of the event.

The project meets needs that we analysed in 2022 in Bulgaria, Greece, Denmark, Italy and the EU. In the context of multiple crises (post-pandemic world, military conflicts, climate change), the challenges for creative organizations increase. At the same time, the expectations of cultural performance online and in innovation impact are also growing.

Creative offers and cultural activities are increasingly being realized both on-site and digitally which demands the necessary support to empower organizations to adapt based on new know-how and space to innovate. New skills are needed to build a lasting relationship not only with audiences. Proactive approaches are also sought from potential partners from sectors such as education, tourism and related which produce authentic or creative products and services.

Collab 4 HySust CCI will provide 15 organizations the necessary know-how to realize their ideas and establish themselves as cultural pillars in their communities.

Expect: inspiring examples, the open call to participate in the selection, access to the knowledge-sharing sessions and training materials – in ICC channels as well as on the online space of COLLAB 4 HY SUST CCIs.


Partners in the project are cultural organizations from Europe: Materahub Italy (member of EIT C&C), Intercultura Consult proposing a the 3rd micro-incubator to support of innovation partnerships, Syn+Ergasia - using artistic approaches to sustainability in post-agrarian territories - Greece, Det Flyvende Teater - a creative organisation partnering with Billund Airport and the Lego company in Denmark and Nova Iskra – a member of the European network of Creative Hubs and partner in EU’s GLAMMONS - Serbia.

Associated partners:

Община Пловдив

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, it is the oldest living city in Europe. The ancient beauty of Plovdiv, its strategic location and cultural events throughout the year define it as a place for encounters of cultures and civilizations. Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city European Capital of Culture (ECoC together with Matera in 2019). Twenty years after hosting the Month of Culture in 1999, the city celebrated in 2019 the most prestigious cultural initiative of the European Union. The European Capital of Culture is a unique project for Bulgaria, which provides new opportunities for developing the potential of the winning city and new international collaboration with Bulgarian cultural and creative operators.

The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe (CREA) program.