Q: What are professional cultural consulting services?

A: We have dedicated considerable time to formal education, informal learning, professional research and active practice. This type of know-how is the cornerstone to a successful initiative where cultural content and especially audiences and public matter. Each initiative or project is carefully analysed and the expertise relevant to reaching its goals are brought on board. Please CONNECT with an inquiry to explain your needs and request a quotation for our services.

Q: Do you only operate in Bulgaria?

A: Services can take place in Bulgaria, in the Balkan region, Central, South, East Europe or globally. Intercultura Consult operates from Bulgaria which is hosting the Presidency of The Council of the EU in 2018.

Q: Have you realised pro bono projects?

A: Yes, on exceptional basis, when an artistic or creative project has captured our attention for its courage and audience appeal, we have backed it up. Two examples are: The public arts project "0" realised in 2014 in Plovdiv (ECoC 2019) and the The Golden Apple animation series of Studio Zmei.