Milena Berbenkova

Milena Berbenkova is an audience analysis and development specialist. She coordinated the activities of Intercultura Consult's project "Reconnect: Audiences and Cultural Content in the Digital Environment" and is now a manager of “Time Perspectives: Long-term Benefits of the Culture - Audience Relationship”, both supported by the Bulgarian National "Culture" Fund. She took part in the dialogue (Re)-Engaging Digital Audiences in The Cultural Sectors – Improving Audience Data with the European Commission, organized by Voices of Culture. At the end of 2021 she worked together with Gergana Minkova and Petya Koleva on the overview of the Bulgarian gaming industry. Milena has been involved in several audience research projects for cultural organisations in Bulgaria over the last four years and initiated the research on creatives and on audiences with regard to the global pandemic transformation of needs. Prior to joining ICC, she worked for non-profit performing arts organisations as well as for cultural enterprises and museums, including study and work in Chicago, USA.

Working Languages: Bulgarian and English; she uses Spanish too