Dr. Petya Koleva

is a researcher and trainer who believes strongly that the arts generate knowledge, embody meaning and open the potential of individuals and communities. The approach underlining a synergy of arts, innovation and development is central to her engagement with international cooperation at the EU and regional (Balkans and Eastern Europe) levels.

Her experience at international level includes EU's agencies for culture, research and international development cooperation, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), the European League of Institutes for the Arts (ELIA). She has provided expertise to the National Fund for Culture of Bulgaria, to cities such as Sofia (UNESCO creative city) and Plovdiv (ECoC 2019) as well as to interregional initiatives such as the Black Sea and Danube networks.

Petya is a visiting professor on Innovation and Cultural Entrepreneurship for the MA program in Stage Arts management and also a course leader on Network Entrepreneurship and Social Networks at NATFA in Sofia. She is passionate about fostering international professional development initiatives for managers and arts professionals. Her recent research interest is on innovation practices promoting live culture by digital means and the related IP and cultural creator rights.

Petya's working languages are Bulgarian, Russian, English, French and Dutch; she uses Spanish, German and Polish too.