Dr. Petya Koleva

is a European expert based in Sofia, founder of the research and consultancy company Intercultura Consult (2004), specialized in innovation for the arts and creative sectors.

Among its exemplary initiatives are the first micro-incubation projects innovating cultural practices in Bulgaria: "Time Perspectives: Long-term Benefits of the Culture - Audience Relationship 2022 and Reconnect: Audiences and Cultural Content in the Digital Environment" 2021, find out more in ICC’s publications.

At EU level, Dr. Petya Koleva has recently been involved with the EU funded project valuating Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions – ESPON HERIWELL 2021; the high visibility international platform on cross-innovation regarding the "Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in the 11 Northern Dimension Countries" 2020 and the “Georgia I2Q - Innovation, Inclusion and Quality Project’ 2021.

Her career in international research and innovation started with the European League of Institutes of the Arts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For the last 18 years she has been providing expertise to the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission, the European Cultural Foundation, Sofia and Plovdiv Municipalities and diverse national and international level organisations.

Dr. Koleva’s working languages are Bulgarian, English, Russian, French; she uses Dutch Spanish, German and Polish.