Dr. Ruth Cherrington

is an experienced cultural studies researcher, writer and presenter who has worked as a lecturer and training consultant across Eastern/Central Europe and Central Asia. Ruth's professional experience includes university sector employability consultancy and writing careers advice articles for the popular www.jobs.ac.uk website.

As part of ICC's 'European Stories' team, Ruth is preparing a training focused on ways of collecting and documenting the less frequently heard narratives that can also help to promote story-based tourism. She brings to this project her experience as an early contributor to Placecloud and production of audio-visual mini-documentary podcasts of several London sites.

Ruth is a recognized authority on the British working men's clubs movement, which had over 4000 clubs and several million members nationwide at their peak in the 1970s. As such, she is frequently sought out for media interviews and programmes. Ruth has published a series of three Dirty Stop Out Guides which highlight the impact of social and economic change on what people do in their spare time: 1970s Coventry (2017), 1980s Coventry (2018) and Coventry's Working Men's Clubs (2020).

Ruth is currently conducting online research for a community project, evaluating the impact of regeneration projects underway in several London boroughs.