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Results, Guidelines and Experience from “Reconnect: Audiences and Cultural Content in the Digital Environment”

The first public event presenting results from the research in the project was held on 13 July 2021 in Swimming Pool, Sofia. Professionals in the cultural sector from Sofia, Gabrovo, Elin Pelin and Poland attended the event. The event was also streamed live online. For more information: follow the project page. Supported by the National “Culture” Fund, Bulgaria.

Digital Technologies in Storytelling - European Stories International Training

Thе second international online training took place at the end of June, the focus of the training was on the use of digital technologies in storytelling for tourist products. It was led by the Irish partners in the projects: Roscommon Leader Partnership и Momentum Educate + Innovate. See European Stories project page.

Reconnect: Audiences and Cultural Content in the Digital Environment

In March 2021, we held 4 meetings with the public on their preferences for culture in the digital environment. Find here research results of the project supported by the National “Culture” Fund Bulgaria.

European Stories – international training

The 1st international training of "European Stories" was held online in March 2021. Participants from 6 countries developed skills for extracting stories from the local context towards new tourist offers live and in a digital environment. Visit the project platform here.

Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions – ESPON HERIWELL

CH is gaining strategic importance. ESPON’s study “Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions” (2020–2022) will play an important role in providing EU evidence for the well-being agenda. The correlation between intangible CH and well-being covers Bulgaria too. LEARN MORE.

"Reconnect: the cultural sector in a state of emergency"

In 2020 Interculturа Consult interviewed 11 representatives of the independent cultural sector in the field of art and how they are coping with the new challenge. See the full text here.

Digital Audiences

Digital audiences are taking the central role in the cultural sector (in other sectors they have been a factor for a while now). Digital audiences access cultural offers via several different channels: the organizational website, the organizational social media, advertising, paid and organic search, redirection from other sites, and email. Each channel provides specific insights about the audience and knowing one's audience is always beneficial to organizations. We help you find the current audiences, and whom you are not reaching in terms of target audiences. We support you on your future partnerships. Get in touch with Intercultura Consult if you are interested in digital audience analysis.