"Time perspectives" enters the stage of creating new cultural proposals
In the Time Perspectives project, supported by the National “Culture” Fund, Bulgaria, we work closely with partner organizations to develop their new proposals for connecting with the public. In February, this includes a meeting with curator Victoria Draganova, who will direct the organizations to suitable artists for partnership according to their specific needs. Learn more about the project here.

"Overview of the video game industry in Europe and Bulgaria: business and social impact"
ICC wrote an overview of the video game industry in Bulgaria and Europe. Read more about the sector and its economic and social impact in Bulgarian here.

European Stories at final phase in February 2022, new initiatives are in development
In February 2022, the ERASMUS + project crosses the finish line. In it, ICC partnered with organizations from France, Italy, Ireland, Romania and Bulgaria to develop activities in alternative cultural tourism. See the results and activities of the project here.

Intercultura Consult joins a structured dialogue with the European Commission about digital audiences

ICC is one of 35 organisations to take part in the dialogue (Re)-Engaging Digital Audiences In The Cultural Sectors – Improving Audience Data with the European Commission organised by Voices of Culture. The focus of the dialogue will be on:

- COVID-19 recovery and impact on cultural consumption by digital means
- EU role in supporting the development of digital audiences
- Aspects of data collection and management with regard to 1) rebuilding existing audiences via digital means, and 2) reaching new digital audiences, with a focus on digitally deprived people

Learn more here.

EU Stories tourism hackathon: from stories to experience prototypes

From 11 to 13 October in Matera, Italy we took part in the third international training from the project "European Stories". It was held in the form of a hackathon. In it, together with the international partners, we developed and tested business models for sustainable and alternative tourism. For Bulgaria we worked on a proposal for a bicycle route in Chelopech..

European Stories Innovative Cultural Routes

On September 29 from 3 PM in Sofia Intercultura Consult organised a public event showcasing best practices innovating cultural tourism, tools that enhance the digital experiences, and an international cross-sectoral inspirational case study. Representatives of both the cultural and tourism sector took part in the event. The event is part of the European Stories ERASMUS + project.

Time Perspectives: Long-term Benefits of the Culture - Audience Relationship

We are starting work on a new project supported by the National “Culture” Fund, Bulgaria in partnership with the House of Humor and Satire, Gabrovo; Natural History Museum, Cherni Osam; Chitalishte (Cultural center) "Prosveta 1881", Kostenets; and Chitalishte (Cultural center) "Elin Pelin 1896", Elin Pelin. The project is aimed at the audience of cultural organizations from smaller settlements in Bulgaria, which are an important driver for life in their communities and seek creative collaborations outside the standard cultural practices for lasting connection with their audience - on site and online. In a work group, organizations and mentors will develop mechanisms to assess the impact of their activities on audiences and to connect more effectively with them, testing the results in new value-added products. More information coming soon!

"Reconnect: Audiences and Cultural Content in the Digital Environment" - Results

The project "Reconnect ..." had a successful finish with two final events, in which we presented the results of the survey of audiences, and the experiments with digital cultural content, we also worked with representatives of cultural organizations on creating a profile of their target audience. See everything about the project here.

Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions – ESPON HERIWELL

CH is gaining strategic importance. ESPON’s study “Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions” (2020–2022) will play an important role in providing EU evidence for the well-being agenda. The correlation between intangible CH and well-being covers Bulgaria too. LEARN MORE.

"Reconnect: the cultural sector in a state of emergency"

In 2020 Interculturа Consult interviewed 11 representatives of the independent cultural sector in the field of art and how they are coping with the new challenge. See the full text here.

Digital Audiences

Digital audiences are taking the central role in the cultural sector (in other sectors they have been a factor for a while now). Digital audiences access cultural offers via several different channels: the organizational website, the organizational social media, advertising, paid and organic search, redirection from other sites, and email. Each channel provides specific insights about the audience and knowing one's audience is always beneficial to organizations. We help you find the current audiences, and whom you are not reaching in terms of target audiences. We support you on your future partnerships. Get in touch with Intercultura Consult if you are interested in digital audience analysis.