Collab 4 HySust CCI 2023 -2025

The goal of the Collaborative Innovation for Hybrid and Sustainability Uptake in Cultural and Creative Industries (Collab 4 HySust) project is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge among different EU regions and organizations with unique needs, aiming to transform CCI organizations and influence the communities they serve. The project will involve 15 cultural and artistic initiatives from different European countries, focusing on two areas of need: audiences and hybrid approaches, and sustainability in collaboration processes. These initiatives will receive guidance, expert support, and a microgrant to undertake incubation-based prototyping efforts.

The project partners include Materahub from Italy, Intercultura Consult from Bulgaria, Syn+Ergasia from Greece, Det Flyvende Teater from Denmark, and Nova Iskra Creative Hub from Serbia.

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Do you enjoy playing games?

Humans at Play: Creators and Users researches the games industry in Bulgaria

Together with 19 partners Intercultura consult researches into the audience attitudes towards video games and the potential for professional development in the sector by both players and creative professionals from fields different from video games. The project is partially funded by the National ‘CultureFund, Bulgaria.

Learn more about the project here.

What is the positive impact of video games on society?

In September, Intercultura Consult was invited to the morning show of Bulgaria ON AIR TV.

The topics of discussion were the needs for collecting data on Bulgarian audiences and recent research on the impact of video games; what is the potential of this industry to serve the educational and other needs of adolescents, and of society as a whole; and an upcoming project supported by many partners.

Watch the interview in Bulgarian here.
Our overview of the video game industry in Bulgaria and Europe from 2022 you can read here.

New article on digital cultural offers: data-driven creation delivers results

This English language article by Dr. Petya Koleva and Milena Berbenkova draws on results from the project "Reconnect: Audiences and Cultural Content in the Digital Environment". Addressing students, researchers and trainers, it is part of the Italian publication L'ARCHITETTURA DELLE CITTÀ. Read here.

What are the benefits of strategic innovation in cultural content creation? – hear from the partners and experts from "Time Perspectives"

Hear from participants about the experiences they have developed in the project activities. In 7 interviews, experts and partnering organizations share about the main problems they face; the goals they have set for themselves; and what activities they implemented in the project to achieve them.
Watch the interviews with subtitles in English here.

Project Results presented at The International Conference “Craft Work, Design, Creativity: Between Tradition and Contemporaneity”

In June 2022 our team took part in the international conference in Gabrovo and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Results of the project "Time perspectives" and new cultural activities developed by the partners were shared with international experts from France, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria.

How to engage Digital Audiences in the Cultural Sectors? - a dialogue with the European Commission

ICC, in a cohort of 35 organisations, participated in the dialogue (Re)-Engaging Digital Audiences In The Cultural Sectors – Improving Audience Data with the European Commission organised by Voices of Culture. The report provides guidance on these topics:
- COVID-19 recovery and impact on cultural consumption by digital means
- EU role in supporting the development of digital audiences
- Aspects of data collection and management with regard to 1) rebuilding existing audiences via digital means, and 2) reaching new digital audiences, with a focus on digitally deprived people.

Read it here.

European Stories inspiring new initiatives

In February 2022, the ERASMUS + project successfully crossed the finish line. ICC partnered with organizations from France, Italy, Ireland, Romania and Bulgaria to develop activities in alternative cultural tourism. Over 30 representatives of the cultural and tourism sector took part in the event hosted by ICC in September 2021 in Sofia showcasing best practices innovating cultural tourism, tools that enhance the digital experiences, and an international cross-sectoral inspirational case study; an EU Stories tourism hackathon for prototypes took part in October 2021 in Matera, Italy. You can find the GUIDE IO1 How to build an alternative touristic storytelling tour? and more tools and ideas from the project here.

Cultural Heritage and Societal Well-being in European Regions – HERIWELL

CH is gaining strategic importance with the ESPON’s study “Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions” (2020–2022) will play an important role in providing EU evidence for the well-being agenda. The correlation between intangible CH and well-being covers Bulgaria too. LEARN MORE.