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Photo: 'The Happy Bekket', © Yana Lozeva, courtesy Petya Boyukova

2019 offers you a new reading - "Cultural Leadership - community – generated captivating tales of co-creating new and memorising past cultures". Ruth Cherrington and Petya Koleva bring you close to discovering trends around cultural value and practices.

'Shared Vision', the strategy for the development of the free arts scene of Sofia, was endorsed by the municipal council in September 2018. What is the scope and significance of the five art fields - Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Literature. (PDF in BG)

How do Sofia and Bulgaria participate in 'Transitive relations of digital rights and European values'? (2017) (PDF in EN)

The independent Cultural Policy Designers Network (CPDN) presented its position on EU's culture in international relations.

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