"Time perspectives" micro incubator results at The International Conference “Craft Work, Design, Creativity: Between Tradition and Contemporaneity”

In June our team presented the Time Perspectives’ partners’ ambitions to innovate their audience connections to international experts from France, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. Learn more about the 4 new cultural offers developed in the frame of Time Perspectives here.

Engaging Digital Audiences in the Cultural Sectors - European Commission dialogue
ICC was selected along with 34 other organisations to join the structured dialogue (Re)-Engaging Digital Audiences In The Cultural Sectors – Improving Audience Data with the European Commission. It was organised by Voices of Culture and resulted in a report providing guidance on working with digital audiences of value to cultural organizations, the European Commission and other governing bodies. Its main topics cover:
- COVID-19 recovery and impact on cultural consumption by digital means
- EU role in supporting the development of digital audiences
- Aspects of data collection and management with regard to 1) rebuilding existing audiences via digital means, and 2) reaching new digital audiences, with a focus on digitally deprived people

The full report is available here.

"Overview of the video game industry in Europe and Bulgaria: business and social impact"
ICC researched the video game industry in Bulgaria and developed an overview report aligning it with European trends. Read more about the sector and its economic and social impact in Bulgarian here.

European Stories at final phase in February 2022, new initiatives are in development
In February 2022, the ERASMUS + project crossed the finish line. ICC partnered with organizations from France, Italy, Ireland, Romania and Bulgaria to develop activities in alternative cultural tourism. In October 2021 in Matera, Italy the third international training developed business models for sustainable and alternative tourism. ICC, international partners and a Bulgarian municipality were part of it. You can find the GUIDE IO1 How to build an alternative touristic storytelling tour? and more tools and ideas from the project here.

"Reconnect: Audiences and Cultural Content in the Digital Environment" - Results
The project "Reconnect ..." had a successful finish with two final events, in which we presented the results of the survey of audiences, and the experiments with digital cultural content, we also worked with representatives of cultural organizations on creating a profile of their target audience. See everything about the project here.

Digital Audiences

Digital audiences are taking the central role in the cultural sector (in other sectors they have been a factor for a while now). Digital audiences access cultural offers via several different channels: the organizational website, the organizational social media, advertising, paid and organic search, redirection from other sites, and email. Each channel provides specific insights about the audience and knowing one's audience is always beneficial to organizations. We help you find the current audiences, and whom you are not reaching in terms of target audiences. We support you on your future partnerships. Get in touch with Intercultura Consult if you are interested in digital audience analysis.