An Intercultura Consult project, realized with the support of the National "Culture" Fund, Bulgaria.

"Vitality" is an initiative that supports the cultural sector and creative industries in Bulgaria to develop capacity in themes crucial for their development in a shared programme of 3 days.

From March 15 to March 17, 2023, a group of 20 selected professionals will have the opportunity to work with experts from Bulgaria and Europe and share knowledge in key themes:

●   Sustainable teams and workflow
●   Circular economy and vitality
●   Economic sustainability and Creators – Audiences relationship
●   Economic sustainability: partnerships and co-creation

The participants will address upcoming business models in the creative sector. They will have the opportunity to develop partnerships and design new proposals that will boost the success rate of a subsequent funding application.

The call for participants is now open! Representatives of cultural organizations in Bulgaria are welcome to apply by February 24.